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April 2010                 “Relationship”, Cararra Marble, 6ft. x 3ft. x 3ft., for private party, Tarzana, CA.  
April 2008                 “Skyline of Jerusalem”, 6ft. x 2.5ft. x 2in. Bas Relief in travertine for Temple Valley                                          Beth Shalom, Encino, CA.  

May 2005                  “Bella Donna”, Emperador Scuro Marble, 5ft. x 2.5ft. x 2ft. for private party, Los                                              Angeles, CA.  This is a fountain.                                                                        
October 1992           “Heights” for Aminadav Aloni, Music Director of Temple Valley Beth Shalom,                                                    Encino, CA.  Sculpture presented during a musical concert for 700-800  people.   


March 1993             "Ascending", white marble, purchased for Jewish  Home for the Aging, Grancell                                               Campus, Reseda, CA.  Placed permanently in outside Sculpture Garden.




March 2014             Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Barnsdall Park
August 2012           Getty Underground Show at Getty Center.


August 2008           Getty Underground Show, Getty Villa, Malibu, CA.   
December 2007     Art Tour with Carol Friedman leading 25 women, two sculptures sold.   
August 2007           Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery,  Barnsdall Park, Los Angeles, CA.   
February 2006       The Art Collector, San Diego, CA. Three sculptures exhibited. 
February 2006       Orlando Gallery, Tarzana, CA.  Two sculptures on exhibition. 

September 2005    Orlando Gallery, Tarzana, CA.   
July 2004                  Los Angeles Municipal Art Gallery, Barnsdall Park, Los Angeles, CA.   
August 2002           Getty Underground Show at the Getty Center Museum, Los Angeles, CA.   
August 2001            Valley Institute of Visual Arts (VIVA), Juried Show, Northridge, CA.   
February 2001        “Ga Ga for L.A.L.A.”,  Southern California Women's Caucus for
Art,  Eye Five Gallery,                                      Atrium at the Brewery, Los Angeles, CA.

September 2000      Valley Institute of Visual Arts (VIVA),  Juried Show, Northridge, CA.   
May 2000                   Finegood Gallery, West Hills, CA.   
July 1999                    Valley Institute of Visual Arts (VIVA), Juried Show, Northridge, CA.   
July 1998                     "All City Open”, Barnsdall Art Park, Los Angeles, CA.


November 1997        "Salon d’Automne”,  Espace Eiffel,  Paris, France.  A color catalogue was printed  of                                          all work in show.   
July 1997                     Museum of Arts, Los Angeles, CA.   
March 1997                Tour from University of Judaism at artist’s home.   Published in
                                       University of Judaism Catalogue Winter Schedule.

August 1996               Design Center Antiques Show, Pasadena, CA. Published as part of Pasadena City                                            Art Tour.   
November 1995        Two-person show, “Marble and Water Sculptures”, Orlando Gallery, Sherman                                                  Oaks, CA.   
January 1995             UCLA at the Armand Hammer Museum, Sales & Rental Gallery, Los Angeles, CA.   
December 1994         Brand Library, Juried Show, Glendale, CA.   
December 1994         Sonce Leroux Gallery, Santa Monica, CA.   
October 1994             Orlando Gallery, Sherman Oaks, CA.   
March 1994                Desert Museum, Palm Springs, CA. Juried Show.   
January 1994             Orlando Gallery, Sherman Oaks, CA.   
October 1993            "Concepts in Imagination,” Bernstein Gallery, Encino, CA.  


July 1993                     Orlando Gallery, Sherman Oaks, CA.   
May 1993                   "Unification, Cultures in Collision”, Southern California, Women’s Caucus for Art,                                         FHP Hippodrome Gallery, Long Beach, CA. Juried Show.   
February 1993          The Art Collector Gallery, San Diego, CA.   
April 1992                   Ersgard Gallery, Santa Monica, CA.   
September 1991       Ersgard Gallery, Santa Monica, CA.   
August 1991              " Cycles Exhibit”, Brand Library, Glendale, CA.  Southern California Women’s                                                   Caucus for Art. Juried Show.   
April 1991                   " Kaleidoscope ’91”, Juried Show, Glendale, CA.   
October 1990            Gallery Milieu, Malibu, CA.   
April 1990                   Orlando Gallery, Sherman Oaks, CA.   
July 1989                     Galleria Silverio Paoli, Pietrasanta, Italy.   
July 1988                     Galleria d’arte –Il Prato Del Miracoli, Pisa, Italy.   
May 1988                    Golden State Sculptural Association, Peter Strauss Ranch, Agoura, CA.

Anita J. Wexler

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